Vgod Pro Mech and Pro Drip RDA Review

Introduction – VGod Pro Mech and VGod Pro Drip

The VGod Pro mech mod and Pro Drip RDA come straight from the Californian based VGOD who have an excellent reputation for their build quality and usability amongst vapers who are mech users!

Some of the other products they produce are VGOD Elite Mech, Trick Tank and VGOD Pro 150.Vgod Pro Mech and Pro Drip

Today we are going to take a quick look at two VGod products; the Pro Mech and the Pro drip RDA.

Sadly they are both sold separately and not as a kit, thankfully they both retail at a very competitive rate.

As a side note – Be sure only to buy authentic VGOD Pro Mech and RDA’s to ensure you are getting the best quality. There are a lot of clones/fakes out there.

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In The Box

Vgod Pro Mech

  • 1 X Vgod Pro Mech
  • 1 X Spare gold plated spring
  • 1 X Hard carry case
  • 2 X Vgod stickersVgod Pro Mech packaging

Vgod Pro Drip RDA

  • 1 X 24mm Pro Drip RDA
  • 1 X Bag of Spares, screws, centre post grommet, and O rings
  • 2 X Vgod Pro Coils
  • 1 X Multi faced screw driver tool
  • 1 X Instructional Sheet
  • 2 X Vgod stickersVgod Pro Drip RDA packaging

Main Specs/Features

Vgod Pro Mech

  • 24MM diameter
  • Billet copper construction
  • Billet Aluminium construction Black only
  • AEROSPACE grade carbon fibre encrusted button
  • Deep engraving VGOD logo
  • Hybrid 510 connection
  • Features self-adjusting copper battery contact
  • GOLD plated spring
  • Mech size – 24mm diameter, 85mm heightVgod Pro Mech hybrid tube

Vgod Pro Drip RDA

  • Dimensions: 24mm x 36mm
  • Two post, four hole vertical design
  • 5mm side intake to bottom air flow for better flavour
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 5mm deep well for greater e-liquid capacity
  • 6mm shank, 12mm ID drip cap
  • Staggered barrel for improved stability
  • Protruding gold plated 510pin for greater conductivity and hybrid connection friendly
  • Passes the 30ml bottle dropper test

Vgod Pro Drip RDA together

Design and Build Quality

When I looked at both these products within their packing materials I was overwhelmed at how good both these items were presented!Vgod Pro Mech Pro Drip side on

The VGod Pro Mech I own is a black Billet Aluminium construction. I consider it to be of excellent build quality and design, it also comes with a high quality hard carry case.

The 24mm Vgod Pro Drip RDA on review is the Stainless Steel version, again, excellent build quality and while the design is good it did have me scratching my head somewhat.

Reason being, the RDA has a Kennedy style airflow and two velocity style posts, the top cap has protrusions that marry up with notches on the base (more about this later).

I did not find any machine oil within the RDA however out of habit I gave the RDA a good wash with warm water before use, all threads operate smoothly for both items.

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A quick guide to installing battery, coils and wicking

Important for your safety: This is a hybrid mechanical mod therefore before you operate this device please ensure you have sufficient knowledge of Ohm’s law and battery safety.

Pro Drip

  • Take off the top cap and install your coils
  • Pass your cotton through your coils and tuck into the liquid well
  • Wet your cotton with an e liquid of your choice and fill the juice well
  • Replace the cap, lining up the protrusions with the notches on the base
  • Screw the RDA on to the hybrid connection on your Mech.

Vgod Pro Drip RDA wicked

Pro Mech

Unscrew the battery switch and insert your battery we recommend the use of Sony VTC5A or similar quality batteries.Vgod Pro Mech button

Tip: always make sure with any hybrid mech mod that you always put the RDA on first before you insert any battery.

Also check that the connection pin on your RDA sticks out at least 1mm or more, if not do not use the RDA on the hybrid Mech!

The Pro Drip is made to complement the Pro Mech so is perfectly safe.

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How Does the Vgod Pro Drip and Vgod Pro Mech Perform?

The Vgod Pro Drip disassembles into 3 parts:

  • Top cap
  • Build Deck
  • Delrin mouth pieceVgod Pro Drip RDA pieces

The Vgod Pro Mech has 2 parts:

  • The barrel or body of the mech
  • The battery switchVgod Pro Mech button

Pro DripVgod Pro Drip RDA cap and base

Top cap/ mouth piece

Has VGOD engraved on one side above one of the two cap protrusions; the top of the cap is flat with threads for the screw on delrin mouth piece.

The build deck base

The RDA features a dual velocity style post which make coiling very easy even for novice vapers.Vgod Pro Drip RDA internal

The grub screws are flat screwdriver type. In the spares bag you have a mixture of flats and Allen grub screws.

The positive post sits on a thin insulator while the internal airflow is handled by 2 post airflow rather like the Kennedy, your coils sit over these.

There is a deep liquid well for cotton and e liquid.

On the base of the build deck you have your Kennedy style bottom airflow and on the base we have a gold plated connection pin and the words printed faintly “Official VGOD USA RDA” and what looks to me like a reverse USA flag.Vgod Pro Drip RDA bottomVgod Pro Drip RDA connection base

Pro Mech

The Barrel or the body of the mech is (on the version I have) made of Billet Aluminium.

The black, hardwearing coating is smooth but not so smooth that you’d be in danger of the mech slipping from your hand.Vgod Pro Mech button parts 1

On one side of the mech body you have the word “VGOD” deeply engraved into the black covering, on the reverse side you have 5 battery vent holes.

The hybrid connection threads are smooth to use with the hybrid cap also including the words “Official VGOD USA PRO Mech”, and what looks to me again like a reverse USA flag printed.

The battery switch

The switch can be taken apart. The contact is copper and the switch houses a insulating self adjustment ring so there is no need to adjust this mech to stop battery rattle.Vgod Pro Mech button parts 2

The spring is gold plated and of an excellent quality. In fact it looks like they have used 2 springs in one. The button is also aerospace grade carbon fibre encrusted.Vgod Pro and e liquid

I have been using the VGOD Pro Mech and Drip RDA combo for nearly a month now and in that time have had several builds in the RDA.

For this review I used a dual kanthal setup of 22g on a 3.5mm bit. The resistance worked out to 0.2 and I used Anarchist red e liquid.

I have to say the Pro Mech is a delight to use.

The throw on the switch is just right, not to deep and not to shallow, even with my hands the device fires every time.

The Pro Drip RDA is super easy to build on as is the case with all velocity style posts.

The airflow, while not the swishiest, is good and allows you a goodly amount of vapour, I have found that the closer to the internal airflow your coils are situated the better the flavour you get.

What I Like

Vgod Pro Mech – the non slip durable hardwearing covering is excellent, the carbon fibre button is a delight that feels very nice under your finger. As a bonus Vgod have included a high quality hard carry case which is something I’ve never personally experienced before when buying a Mech Mod.

Vgod Pro Drip RDA – both the flavour and the vapour quality from this RDA is excellent with the right coils loaded the vapour can be super thick.

What I Didn’t Like

The only things I found I didn’t like about the Pro Drip RDA is the placement of the posts.

They are a little too far apart in my opinion, making it a little harder to perfectly centre your coils over the internal airflow.

There is also a little plate that is almost level with the airflow, I like to splurge my liquid from the top through the mouth piece!

Too much liquid this way will result in leakage from the bottom airflow; also the airflow is a little tight for my liking but not a deal breaker.

Now It’s Available :VGOD Pro Drip RDA Tank

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