iJoy CAPO 100W Review – A Single Battery Beast

Portable compact designed box mod with a maximum output of a whopping 100 watts! A single battery device that can satisfy your cloud chasing needs. Paired with 21700 battery, new battery option for our future vaping device. Providing you a great performance as it is equipped with the advanced vaping system. Most importantly the exterior body looks awesome!

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iJoy CAPO 100W: Background

I’ve been observing iJoy Company and I know that they are in the vaping scene for quite some time now, producing different kinds of vaping devices since 2012. Started from pen types (ballpen size) and now has improved over time, producing numbers of advance and innovative vaping products.

Now this, a brand new addition to their Vaping Kits collection The CAPO 100w with Captain Mini Tank, The design of this Mod reminds me of Eleaf’s iStick Pico series, a single battery variable Mod with the extension cap on the battery side and a lower dimension on atomizer’s side to minimize the overall body size. The difference between them is that iStick Pico is much smaller as it only uses a 18650 battery while the brand new CAPO 100w uses their own 21700 battery.

iJoy CAPO 100W Review

What Will You Get on iJoy CAPO 100w Kit?

  • iJoy Capo 100W TC Mod
  • Captain Mini Sub-Ohm Tank
    • CA-M1 0.5 ohm Coil
    • CA-M2 0.3 ohm Coil
  • Spare O-Rings, Micro USB Cable and User Manuals
  • 18650 Adapter
iJoy CAPO 100W Review Package

Key Features of the iJoy CAPO 100w Kit

CAPO 100w Box Mod

Even in its compact size, this kit has a lot to offer.

  • Threaded Battery Cap
    • It is designed this way to utilize the space of battery location making it a smaller and more portable mod.
  • Up to 100 watts max output
    • A single battery that can produce up to 100 watts of maximum power.
  • Large OLED Display
    • 0.91 OLED with an advanced vaping system.
  • Enlarge Firing Button
    • Perfectly incorporated into the design of the mod
  • Extra Battery Adaptor
    • You can also use your 18650 batteries with this kit

Captain Mini Tank

  • Top Fill System
    • Easy e-liquid filling to avoid leaks
  • Heat reduction design
    • There is a small gap between the glass tank to the bottom part to reduce heat from your lips
  • 22.5mm diameter
  • Adjustable Airholes
iJoy CAPO 100W Kit Threaded Cap
Design of iJoy CAPO 100w Kit

I really like how awesome the design of its exterior body. It is something like an armored case wrapping around to protect the whole mod, this is the part where you can choose different color options,and a semi-seamless large button design that is incorporated geniusly in its body, ergonomically designed for easy firing experience.

The iJoy CAPO has a dimension of 78mm by 52.3mm by 30mm, it is exactly taller with its 21700 battery making this a compact and portable mod to carry. For the overall design, I must say that they did a great job, I really like it. This is something like a futuristically designed mod.

iJoy CAPO 100W Review Back Artwork

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iJoy CAPO 100W Captain Mini Tank

iJoy CAPO 100w Kit: Performance

With a 100 watts maximum output, it can already satisfy my cloud chasing experience if I choose to do so. Its 21700 battery could last me a whole day of regular vaping. Its battery life is probably at 80% similar to a dual 18650’s power/life.

As I am expecting, so far there are no problems encountered using this kit. The advanced vaping system is very accurate and safe, it will not fire if there is something wrong detected in your atomizer’s build.

iJoy CAPO 100W Torched

CAPO 100W VS Similar Devices

  • CAPO 100W VS Pico iStick – The CAPO 100w is bigger than the Pico iStick, but CAPO 100w has a longer battery life and more maximum power output.
  • CAPO 100W Kit VS CUBOID Lite Kit – The CUBOID Lite is more compact but has a built-in battery, while the CAPO 100w has an option to change the battery at any time. I will always prefer a Mod with the option of changing batteries.

Final Thoughts on the iJoy CAPO 100w Kit

Honestly, I am not yet familiar with the new 21700 Battery. So far on my experience, it is providing a longer battery life and no visible stress when running at about 60watts (this is my sweet spot for a good vaping experience). iJoy Company is claiming that their battery has the same power of dual 18650’s, this is too good to be true and it is not yet proven. I can consider this as one of the Best Vape Mod in terms of innovation. For now, on my experience as I said it is at probably 80% similar to the power/life of dual 18650 batteries.

The overall experience with iJoy CAPO 100W Kit is great. The most important reason that I will choose this over my collection of vaping devices, is because of its cool looking exterior body design especially the torched metal one, just look how awesome is that!


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