Geekvape Aegis boost Pod Mod Kit Review-Easy Top Refill Kit

Geekvape Aegis boost Pod Mod Kit is made from Zinc-Alloy, Silicone and Natural leather with transportable and minimalist features. Well following inside the Aegis custom for being rugged gadgets this also is IP67 waterproof, in addition, Blemish, Rust and rip resilient too.

This can be an adjustable wattage product using a .42in OLED display screen as well as the production is 5-40W.

Inside is definitely the AS chipset used on larger sized Geekvape mods and guarantees a super-fast firing duration of .08 mere seconds. The battery is really a 1500mAh internal jobby and charges via Micro USB at a cost level as much as 1.5A. The pod features a leading satisfying design and style and then there is somewhere an airflow manage valve too.


Size: 106.8 x 39.2 x 27.7mm
Material: Zinc-Alloy, Leather, and Silicone
Battery Capacity: 1500mAh
Wattage Output: 5-40W
Output Voltage: 1.0-6.0V
Firing Speed: 0.08s
Coil Resistance: 0.6ohm
Charging: Micro USB port
Charging Current: 5V/1.5A
E-juice Capacity: 3.7ml
Filling Type: Easy top refill
Airflow: Easy Access Airflow Valve


1 x GeekVape Aegis Boost Pod Mod Kit
1 x GV Boost Coil(0.6Ω 15-25W)
(Pre-installed:GV Boost Coil 0.4Ω 25-33W,capacity 3.7ml)
1 x Drip tip
1 x Coil tool
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual

It could provide you with a fantastic visible pleasure with stylish physical appearance and to the point design with the remarkable vaping encounter.

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Dovpo SQ Topside Mechanical Box Mod Review

Dovpo SQ Topside Mechanical Squonk Mod is produced by design visionary Brian Natural herb from The Vapor Chronicles YouTube channel.

His physique is machined coming from a sound billet of aluminum and then shot blasted and anodized. The side panel is detachable to access the battery area and the squonk jar. The board has 28 magnets to safe it set up! So if the case is aluminum, which by the way cannot but impact the weight, the sled for your battery power, and so on. consists of plastic. There is absolutely no need for a ribbon for extraction – the battery is squeezed right out of the reverse side.

The squonk jar can take either 12.5ml or 10ml of e-juice.

You will find 4 colors to select from:


Size: 52.5 x 91 x 27mm

Output: full output mechanical

Silicone Bottle Capacity: 10ml

Battery Capacity: Single 21700 Battery(Not Included)


1 x Dovpo SQ Topside Mod

1 x Squonk Bottle

1 x Tool/Spares Kit

1 x User Manual

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Advken Darkish Mesh Sub Ohm Tank Review-The Most Effective Sub-Ohm Tank

The build quality from Advken is sheer excellence every time. Advken Dark Mesh Sub Ohm Tank  : This is a good-searching reservoir and it also matches a range of diverse mods – its styling is good.

The best filling up again annoyed me every time…it’s that atmosphere restricted there is no breather opening for that reservoir to permit the atmosphere out. No down the road think about new design and style on that. The filling is slow-moving that means you must tilt the container slightly and drip it along with the coil for this to load and for the best satisfying choices.

A reservoir at numerous power configurations

  • 30W: I usually start off low so I can get the coil nice and prepped – not vapor significantly came around this wattage, having said that I would still advise it if you appreciate a light vape.
  • 55W: the flavor was nice at this energy setting and it also became very effective vapor-sensible since it resolved in. Not really an ideal vape but nice…more strength make sure you!
  • 65W: a good, clear is taste very apparent around the initial pull, the next pull – beautiful…and so on.
  • 75W: it’s nice and operates a treat, the wicking trying to keep up well, but it’s not the very best as it needs to absorb the juice as its quickly vaped in my opinion.

The airflow is actually is great and I’m really happy with the actual way it combines well using the flavor.

Built of higher-high-quality 304SS materials, it will provide you long-lasting and easy cleansing vaping encounter. Apart from, it adopts .15ohm Triple Mesh Coil and .15ohm Solitary Mesh Coil to support diverse e-juice capacities of 5ml and 6ml. Additionally, the bottom adaptable airflow manage style provides the best airflow when flavorful, make things various. Plug the very best glide satisfying style, it is possible to finish basic refilling functioning. This is by far the most effective sub-ohm container Advken has created up to now.


Size: 54.5 * 25mm
Material: 304SS
Capacity: 5/6ml
Coil: 0.15ohm Triple Mesh Coil, 0.15ohm Single Mesh Coil
Capacity: 5ml(Triple Mesh Coil), 6ml(Single Mesh Coil)
Thread: 510
Drip Tip: 810 Resin


1 x Dark Mesh Tank(0.15Ω Triple mesh coils inside)
1 x Spare 0.15Ω Single Mesh Coil
1 x Bubble Glass
1 x Accessaries Bag
1 x Cleaning Cloth

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Shaving Pedestal For Shower – How to Shave in the Shower?

It is effective, convenient and quick to shave in the shower. However, it can be tricky to shave under-arms and legs in the shower – particularly if you wish to prevent cuts and nicks. Know about some of the best tips to follow to shave yourself before a shaving pedestal for shower, just like a professional.

Avoid slips

Make sure that your shower is not all water, water everywhere. Use good adhesive treads or shower mat to prevent the risks of sliding and slipping. The more that you feel safer, the more convenient it will be for you to shave your legs. In case you have an especially difficult time shaving in your shower, you may obtain a shower stool that can let you retain your balance.

Brass Folding Shower Foot Rest
Brass Folding Shower Foot Rest

Do not skip the shower

Hydration is essential when you are before a shaving pedestal for shower, and cutting your body hair. Dry shaving, or shaving minus shaving cream or water, might result in irritation and raise your risks of suffering from cuts and nicks. Rather than dry shaving, it is better that you jump into the shower, and soak yourself in warm water for about a couple of minutes. If you want to get the softest hair and skin, shower as is usually done and shave at the end. It will help you to get the smoothest results with your shavings.

Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate

The removal of dead skin cells from skin surface can prepare your underarms, arms and legs for the process of shaving and allow you to get as smooth type of shave as you can. Get the body scrub or body wash that you love, and use it. Too hard rubbing can end up damaging your skin. Thus, you need to go soft. However, during cleaning, you have to be firm.

Black Shaving Pedestal For Shower
Black Shaving Pedestal For Shower

Apply women’s shaving cream

Never ignore the shaving cream, as you sit before the shaving pedestal for shower! If you use a shaving gel meant for women, it will hydrate the skin and prevent irritation of the same. It will make sure that your razor glides smoothly. The market abounds in many shaving gels, and you can choose from the same. There are formulas for sensitive skin, fresh aromas and more. The shaving gel that you choose will reflect who you actually are. Choose the one that makes you appear the best.

Use a female razor

The best female razor is one that is designed for women. Do not use a no-frills alternative or a man’s razor. These are not designed for the body’s contours. Pick one that is designed exclusively for women, has a handle that can be gripped with ease and consists of blades that can adjust to each curve.

Finally, try to make the shaving process as perfect as possible. Sit before a shaving pedestal for shower, and experiment a little to determine which parts of the shower and positions make shaving more convenient. Once you are done, completely rinse the skin and then pat it dry.

Innokin GoMax Tube Starter Kit Review-Top Of Chargeable Battery Power


The Innokin GoMax Tube originates from a brand that is well known for beginner kits. There’s the nonreusable GoMax container, set up for Primary to Lung (DTL) vaping.

It’s a disposable tank, on top of chargeable battery power. It is possible to load the reservoir together with your favored e-liquid, and when the coil eventually burns up out, you chuck the tank and get a completely new one.

The Tank

You do have a wide (9mm) bore mouthpiece, though it is only 5mm large higher than the coil. There’s a glide leading load with silicone membrane covering the fill port. Airflow modification is via a cyclops style airflow ring on the bottom. When I first obtained this I was thinking it wasn’t adjustable as it’s quite rigid and consists of the identical PCTG as all of that other reservoirs so it really combines in.

Satisfying is pretty simple, as well as the resistance around the glide load remains nice and tight despite using it for some time.

However that silicone seal off can be quite a soreness, despite the fact that it’s correct that it halts e-water escaping should you knock it over whilst filling up, I have done often find that e-liquid would get stuck and bubble at the very top when I was satisfying it due to the silicone sealing across the conclusion of my jar.


Fully open up really is completely open up, this can be a very free DTL vape. Should you don’t extravagant quite much airflow you can progressively closed it down to locate your sweet place, for DTL I came across that about halfway shut provided the most effective combination of flavour of clouds. For which is basically a carry coil, I found the cloud production was pretty remarkable.


The Plex 3D Mesh coils from Innokin are definitely small taste bangers. It’s a somewhat cool vape, but really accurate and great at breaking up out your diverse flavour notes inside your e-fluid.

It’s adequate that I was happily able to use it as my main DTL device, provides fantastic flavour, and it is really user friendly and obtain on with.


Product Name: GoMax Tube
Material: Stainless Steel
Battery: 3000mAh/3.7V
Capacity: 5.5ml
Tank Resistance: 0.19Ω(60-80W)
Voltage Range: 3.3V-4.2V
Cut Off Time: 10sec
Max. Output Current: 30A
Resistance Range: 0.13-3.5Ω
Thread Type: 510
Charging Current: 5V/2A


1 x Innokin Gomax Tube 80W Mod
1 x Innokin Gomax Disposable Tank
1 x MicroUSB Cable
2 x User Manuals

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Vaporesso Degree Vape Kit Review, Massive Battery Power

Vaporesso Degree Vape Pod System Kit: Rectangle design and stylish view provide you with both an attractive visual and comfortable hands feeling.

Operated by a built-in 950mAh massive battery power, Level will bring you lengthy-lasting vaping existence.

Offering the AXON nick which preemptively will take measures to guard you against dried up strikes. Based on Car Temperatures Controlled modern technology, AXON is the most dependable approach to protect your flavor and your coil. Besides, the AXON automatically determines which kind of POD you have placed and set the correct wattage to prevent any misuse.

With pulse setting, Education will continuously provide you with a hit throughout your puff (every single .02s) – not just from your preliminary fire – giving you more powerful, flavorful clouds with each and every puff. What’s much more, you can be more in control of your flavor and vapor levels, with the adjustable wattages on-screen output.

And there are two pods for your choices, with Meshed Pod, .6Ω(Optimal Range 16-22w) and CCELL Pod, 1.3Ω(Optimum Array 7-12.5w). Furthermore, it’s very easy to refill the e-fluid because PTF at the top can make satisfying a breeze.


Dimensions: 90.5×41.5×16.45mm
Battery: 950mAh
Capacity: 2ml
Power Range: 5-30W
Charge Current: DC 5V/2A
Refillable Method: PTF ™
Display: 0.69” OLED Screen
POD: Meshed Pod, 0.6Ω(Optimal Range 16-22w)
CCELL Pod, 1.3Ω(Optimal Range 7-12.5w)


1 x Vaporesso Degree with CCELL POD(2ml, 1.3Ω)
1 x Vaporesso Degree MESHED POD (2ml, 0.6Ω)
1 x E-Juice Filling Bottle (10ml)
1 x USB cable
1 x User Guide
1 x Warranty Card
1 x Reminder Card

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Artery Pal Stick Vape Starter Kit 750mAh Evaluation

The Artery Pal Stick is up for evaluation today, a lightweight little vape pen style for restricted VG DL vaping and Nic-sodium MTL, using a special pod design tank design and Artery’s HP cores.

I believe it’s safe to say that the company specializes in compact, very mobile products, with prior choices such as the Pal AIO as well as the PAL 2 Aio set, which were very small tiny rectangular budget vapes as well as the slightly older Artery Nugget, a mini box mod which I quite enjoyed.


The Artery Pal Stay looks like an All-in-one pen but, in the event you tug in the mouthpiece, you will see that it’s linked to a pod design container module. This droplet into the hollow higher than the electric battery and remains set up by the pressure of any very strong magnet.

The battery module is a very basic, slim cylinder, crafted from lightweight aluminum alloy, having a metallic complete that’s damage and fingerprint resisted, inside a matte-metallic color of your liking.

The base of the pen includes a micro-USB port for charging you.

The bottom of the hose has a tiny Artery logo design on one area, horizontally published. Over that emblem but on either side, the hose, are two playing golf-membership head (for lack of an improved explanation) formed parts that can be finished with a diamond type grip texturing.

Halfway the total length of the device is a tiny, black color plastic, precious stone formed option with a very small pinprick indentation either side from it along with a little Directed shining by way of a pit in its base one half.

5 mouse clicks switch off and on, with 3 clicks to adjust voltage output.


Above that are two slot openings, a single either side that could be incorrectly recognized for mini USB ports as they are the exact same size and shape. In actual fact, they are the outside airflow slots.

Whilst airflow is not adjustable from the outside, the airflow can be altered by eliminating the tank module, which has the changeable airflow in the bottom.

Stretching up the tube through the area between those two slot machines, two golfing-club like designs the same as those grippy kinds but upside down.

As opposed to becoming grippy, the styles at the top are in reality observing house windows, so that you can visit your fruit juice amounts. The windows are decoratively framed in a contrasting color finish.

Pod Unit and Mouthpiece

Over this battery power area, a tinted plastic-type mouthpiece increases up inside a dome and surface finishes in a filter Oral cavity to Lung (MTL) pleasant drip idea that is certainly curved and comfortable.

A single straight tug about this mouthpiece will split the magnetic seal and lift the complete pod-like reservoir section.

The container is easily broken down, so that the HP core may be substituted.

In the bottom in the container is a tiny airflow engagement ring, which may be twisted to alter the airflow.

Best Fill

A single slight clockwise perspective of the mouthpiece, while gripping the container through the watching-windowpane opportunities or specifically, will take away the mouthpiece and expose the large, double satisfying ports.

I must say, that with the toughness and VP of those tiny cores, they are worthy of their HP label. This pen-style vape is small and mobile, with great flavor and good vapor manufacturing, along with solid battery life and a durable complete.


Size: 18 x 119mm
Material: Aluminum Alloy 6063
Battery: 750mAh
Capacity: 1.6ml
Voltage: 3.5V/ 3.3V/ 3.0V


1 x PAL Stick Kit
1 x Extra Coil
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual
2 x O-Rings
1 x Warranty Card
1 x Certification Card

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SMOK Fetch Mini Kit Review

The device is operated by an in-developed battery really worth 1200mAh. The adjustable productivity varies in the tune of 5W and 40W. With this particular array, the unit can meet diverse vaping requirements in the event the customers.

Smok Fetch Mini Pod Kit has a 3.7ml ability of e-fruit juice. This is adequate to fulfill your vaping demand of entire day time. The package also offers a simple bottom satisfying design and style. This will allow you to easily refill the e-water. In addition to this, the package is made up of eco-warm and friendly compound PCTG. This material is sanctioned through the EU and FDA for any kind of applications which has exposure to foods.

Implementing laser beam UV exchange texturing below window panels and getting a 2.5D arc advantage window for both sections, the Smok Fetch Mini Pod Package can additionally increase the 3D results. Additionally, the set even offers the dustproof and waterproof features, which allow avoiding dirt ingress and becoming safer in rainy surroundings.

The Smok Fetch Mini Pod Package has .96″ TFT Display exhibit that may display you certain vape info within a clear method. The RPM range coil will provide consumers different kinds of practical experience associated with vaping. The mod is accessible in 6 shade variants: Purple, Orange, and Dark and Light blue as well as extra 2 more unnamed colors.

The Battery Mod

The complete battery power mod is decorated with 2.5D arc benefit glass sections and made up of zinc alloy chemical on both edges. As a result, the entire Smok Fetch Mini Pod Set seems to be extremely beautiful and shiny. The Smok Fetch Mini Pod Set features a measurement of 76 mm x 42.8 mm x 18.4 mm. Hence, it is extremely clear the kit is useful and mobile and has the ease to hold along with you anywhere.

Around the remaining end in the battery, there exists a .96-inch multi-colored display, a firing switch, USB charging dock, and up/down switch.

The Smok Fetch Mini Pod Kit can productivity in the plethora of 5W to 40W. And the show shows the info of the productivity voltage, current coil opposition, the puff matters, as well as the present wattage.

The Pod Cartridge

The pod container in the Smok Fetch Mini Pod Set consists of PCTG substance. Furthermore, the see-through look will let you know of the precise quantity of e-liquid inside the package. You are able to press your fruit juice into from the slot situated on the bottom and also the liquid capacity of the cartridge is 3.7ml.

There are 2 coil heads available in the container as you purchase it. The Smok rpm triple .6ohm coil and Smok rpm mesh .4ohm coil would be the coil heads, which you may also suit on your Smok RPM40 Pod Mod Package.

For the time being, it really is certainly the Smok Fetch Mini Pod Kit is essentially an ideal match for a lot of the users.

Now you can find it in our store.

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Sense Orbit TF Pod System Test Review

A year ago, the folks over at Dropped Vape blew our combined thoughts with the discharge of the Orbit TF Pod Mod, the world’s very first pod system with changeable strength configurations and refillable tank set-up that managed to make it function almost like a scaled-down edition of your sophisticated mod. Of course, ours is definitely a market of copycats if nothing else, and now other producers are scrambling to release comparable gadgets of their own.

The latest brand name to obstacle the Orbit is Feeling. Their Orbit TF Pod Method is a friend to the foundation Orbit, which behaves similar to a traditional pod and shares some key parts. For this overview, we’ll target the Orbit TF, since it provides extra features that we feel turn it into a standout new providing. Let’s jump in!


Once more, becoming an Orbit duplicate of sorts, the design is similarly rectangle-shaped, with a solitary (firmly connected, non-rattling) switch dealing with firing, on/away from, and power adjustment settings. At 79.3mm by 45.5mm by 18.6mm, it’s more compact inside user profile but just a little thicker compared to Orbit and fits in the palm of your own palm for easier stealth vapes.

Although a lot of the body is plastic, the Orbit TF can feel strong and well-made, with a number of jagged marble finishes available that seemed durable enough through initial testing.

The pod snaps firmly into the top of the battery, not counting on magnets or even a latch system such as the sometimes-finicky Orbit. Airflow arises from the bottom of the pod at a starting ahead of the electric battery entire body and it is not changeable, along with a metallic cap slides aside for quick leading-refill capabilities. Perception cites a 3 ml capability, we think that might be slightly overstated but nonetheless found lots of liquid storage to restrict top-ups to about once daily.

The large information is the replaceable coil system that enables for very long-phrase reuse of Orbit TF pods – as you could still throw away your pod after a few refills, just exchanging the coil will probably be much more economical (and eco-friendly) in the long run. Two coils are accessible, traditional stainless steel wire with 1.1-ohm resistance as well as a mesh netting style having an opposition of .6 ohms. These coils are press-fit into the bottom of the pod and located in place by rubber gaskets, rather than threaded in as is the case with traditional mod/clearomizer systems.

Rounding the characteristics, the mod body comes with an incorporated micro-USB slot for asking the 1100 mAh interior battery power having an indicator light-weight above that can both exhibit strength settings and electric battery charge stage.


As a sophisticated mod, the Orbit TF features five-click on/away functionality along with a three-simply click realignment to period between strength levels. You can find three accessible options indicated by the light over the USB slot: Gentle (Azure), Normal (Environmentally friendly), and powerful (White), despite the fact that Perception doesn’t specify a corresponding wattage or voltage for virtually any. We found ourselves preferring the regular and powerful options for that .6-ohm mesh coil, whilst customers from the 1.1-ohm conventional coil will probably pattern toward soft or normal.

For mouth area-to-lung vapers who prefer restricted, limited draws, the 1.1-ohm coil is going to be the best option. The .6-ohm edition is considerably airier, and one of many much better restricted-lung strikes (smoother than MTL, not a significant DL) we’ve experienced from the pod device. Vapor manufacturing is well above average and definitely exceeded our anticipations, for a product this lightweight. It’s actually so strong that we’d suggest staying with your traditional nicotine in the -6 mg/ml variety and maintaining the nic sodium vape liquid for less strong gadgets – even around the reduced energy establishing the Feeling TF delivers a powerful strike.

The flavor is clean and crisp in case a little bit muted. There’s no trendy taste suggesting an absence of high-quality management within the pod or coil create, but because of the amazing vapor manufacturing, we were just expecting a bit more within the taste department and discovered ourselves merely satisfied instead of blown away.


Dimension: 79.3mm x 45.5mm x 18.6mm

Material: Zinc alloy, PC

Single Weight: 86.2g

Batter: 1100mAh

Capacity: 3.0ml

Input Voltage: 5V

Filling Type: Top Fill – Slide to Open

Resistance Range: 0.5ohm-3.0ohm

Working Modes: Soft/Normal/Strong

Full Battery Charging Time: 1.5hours


In spite of its several skills, the Orbit TF even offers a couple of weak points, particularly regarding missing out on functions. The most obvious of those is a lack of airflow manage. Most other very similar devices will a minimum of come with an airflow ring on the drip tip otherwise positioned in a position while watching the vapor chamber, we ponder if the impacted taste manufacturing somewhat.

Also, although it’s not uncommon to locate pod mod gadgets being delivered with set drip ideas, we think that using the advancement of this part in the business it’s time and energy to start transforming for the normal 510-type replaceable idea. Whilst a bit of this can be about style, repaired ideas also affect features: we’ve broken away from our fair share of tips while a mod is clanking around within a bag or pocket, as well as a suggestion with the changeable airflow would partially fix the issue of this feature being available around the pod itself.


All round, the Orbit TF is a really strong product for cost-effective value. It has an excellent electric battery, reasonable performance, and taste, plus an excellent best fill up function. Even though we could locate some area for improvement later on many years, Sense’s initially offering manages to provide a lot of energy and cloud creation, some excellent coils (the replaceable element is big! ), along with a lightweight and pretty design and style that make it worth the cost of entrance.

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Augvape Intake RTA Overview

The Intake RTA is an individual coil with a distinctive airflow that for once is actually special as we’ll see later.

It’s a packed solitary coil RTA marketplace available with many incredible tanks contending for a leading place like the AvidVape Ghost Inhale and also the Vapefly Horus capturing our reviewer’s eyesight.


As the label might suggest the key function here is the airflow.

Everything you have is two hollow tubes that ‘intakes’ the environment from the leading and channels it to the bottom of the tank before bouncing back slamming to the coils on its way up.

The design and style can make this pretty much leak evidence – more about that soon – and should do away with the dip in flavorsome best airflow RTAs may have – more about flavour afterward also.

There are two Cyclops design airflow ports which are incredibly small and narrow indeed – so a free airy vape will not be something you’ll expect out of this one indeed as I’ll display afterwards it’s very constrained.

OK, out of the box this has a 2.5ml e-fluid capacity but this is often switched out using the 4.2ml bubble window.

Filling up is as simple as unscrewing the best cover to show two smallish renal designed fill up ports.

Despite as being a relatively tiny if a small crowded deck you need to have no issues developing offered both publish openings are wide open in the area producing coil positioning a doddle.

The RTA also includes x2 810 drip ideas – a relatively low user profile azure one along with a chunkier black one and a 510 adaptor.

Do be aware the bore from your leading cap is extremely slim and so the thickness of your drip idea is going to make small if any variation apart from individual convenience.

Design and Build Quality

It’s honest to state Augvape make beautiful vape items – especially their mods like the V200 and that stunning Templar RDA.

The Intake is maybe not as great looking as some RTAs on the market – indeed using the bubble window onto it does take a look at tiny clunky – especially with that large knurling at the top cover.

One more design and style feature I don’t particularly like will be the subjected gold deck peeping through the bottom of the reservoir nor do you feel the shade of light blue in the included drip idea is really a particularly great colour nor will it match the dark version I received.

Nevertheless, as you might expect from Augvape those individual niggles aside the build quality is once more initially price.

Although the threads similar to most RTAs out of the container really are a tiny small they soon loosen up and whilst not silky they are well machined.

The Augvape Intake RTA is put together perfectly indeed with good machining with top quality materials.

How Does the Augvape Intake RTA Perform?

As I’ve already mentioned building on it is a doddle with those open-sided publish holes which makes it a complete breeze to construct on.

There’s the very little area in there and i also found getting the coil as close the airflow ingestion as is possible provided the very best flavor – and that i imply as close as you can without coming in contact with the deck!

Nonetheless and regardless of this becoming similar to a Genesis type deck the wicking can be a little challenging.

Becoming this type of small deck signifies you’ll be utilizing smaller sized coils and my very first number of creates making use of excessive natural cotton gave me an inadequate flavor and several dried out strikes.

The wicking slots are tiny and so i could load up the coil and feather out the legs offering them space to swell once juiced up without choking them as it were.

It might get several will go but once you get it correct it becomes 2nd mother nature.

A filling is not hard as well having a simple little bit of stress on the top cover before a half perspective anti-clockwise opens it up – comparable to a bayonet installing.

Flavour and Clouds From the Intake RTA

I have experienced x3 builds in there and found a 2.5mm Clapton coil close to .3ohm provided the most effective vape and that i wicked with FUZZ which I locate extremely very easy to slim out to match those small wicking ports.

At about 51 to 53w the vape was warm – cloudy and also the flavour was good – not stand out nevertheless the better area of excellent.

I’m speculating the decent flavour originates from way air has become channeled from top to bottom as well as the tight bore of the top cap.

Speaking of tight it is a constrained primarily to lung pull [DTL] despite having the airflow control large open up.

Personally I like a rather looser pull nevertheless I soon received utilized to it but bare that in your mind if you choose to buy it.

Cloud production will obviously be down to your develop/100 % cotton and e-liquid – however utilizing an 80/20 PG/VG combine the clouds whilst not breathtaking have been excellent indeed – but also for me this has been intended for flavor and whilst not remarkable the flavour user profile is on point.

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